Sandwiches (make the world go round)

Despite that sandwiches do not literally make the world go round, they certainly make it more enjoyable. Saturday spent itself in errand running. Never have I run so many errands back to back in one day. Never have I run so many errands back to back in one day while still feeling that I accomplished so little. Telling myself I would not be caught up in the crazy, pre-Thanksgiving Christmas shopping that has taken over all retailers in the Phoenix metropolitan area, I cautiously went to the Target (shoppers with carts full of Christmas decorations nearly shoving past each other for a check-out line), to the grocery store (where at least pumpkin pies were still displayed…in front of the holiday priced liquor), and to World Market (where a “global” Christmas extravaganza could not be avoided). Safe to say…Christmas accosted me, which did not please me at all. I love Christmas. It is the best smelling and the best tasting holiday. However, to end this rant and get on to the food, I will state that five days before Thanksgiving, I am already overwhelmed and exhausted by Christmas.

Hence the sandwiches. Sandwiches, to me, representing a meal easily completed with little effort that yields delicious results. After putting the groceries away (therapeutic and utterly selfish act), I thinly sliced the abnormally large, non organic Fuji apple into thin wedges, put them on a piece of organic whole wheat toast with some reduced fat Kerrygold Irish Chedder, and broiled this half of the sandwich on low for 5 to 8 minutes. Until the cheese was melty and the apple slightly soft. While one side of the sandwich was toasting, I put just a dab of coarse grain honey mustard on the other piece of toast and topped it with fresh carved roasted chicken breast. This sandwich made my Saturday.


Apple, Cheddar, and Chicken Sandwich

6 thin wedges Apple (Fuji or Granny Smith work well)

4 slices Kerrygold Reduced Fat Irish Cheddar

2 thin slices roasted chicken breast (preferably nitrate free if purchased in the deli section)

2 slices whole wheat bread

1 tsp coarse grain honey mustard

Set oven to low broil. Line a cookie sheet with foil. Place one slice bread on the cookie sheet. Layer the apple wedges with the cheese. Place cookie sheet in the oven and broil until cheese starts to bubble and melt and apples becomes soft. Working while the first sandwich half is broiling, spread mustard on other slice of bread, place chicken breast on top. Put the pieces of bread together, slice in half, and service with remaining apple wedges. Served in the photo with a small serving of kettle cooked chips.

This recipe makes one sandwich, but can easily be doubled for two sandwiches.

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  1. Mom said:

    you can make this one for me too. with or without the chicken it sounds fantastic. When I was in Vegas I was hoping to eat at the Craftwhich restaurant (same as the cook book I gave you), but alas we had limited time, and we ended up at Wolfgan Puck’s Italian for yummy food


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