Cookbooks: Nigel Slater’s Appetite

Some have asked which cookbooks I’ve been spending my weeknights and ends with my nose in. Rather than give access to my library record – which admittedly has some guilty pleasures (post-university, professional woman me is working her way through Meg Cabot’s “Princess Diaries” series) – I’ll try to post a book or review every so often.

Nigel Slater – Appetite

I was turned on to this book by a blogger at Food52. I’ve now renewed it at least twice from my local library. I wouldn’t call it “no fuss” cooking. I’d call it realistic cooking. Nigel’s beautifully conversational writing parallels the conversational qualities of cooking and eating. Yes, I just said that. I think of food as not only sustenance, but also a conversation. A conversation starter, centerpiece, and a dialogue itself. Mr Slater provides ample variations give the weeknight cook ideas to run with. He also provides a lovely section on common flavor combination, techniques, and cooking skills. An added plus: Jonathan Lovekin’s photos are gorgeous.


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