Rainbow chard and brie panini

I missed my posting goal this week, but I swear it was worth it. Valentine’s Dinner with the family yesterday and then a delicious excursion to Stax Burger Bistro (which has inspired something in the kitchen) with a friend for happy hour today are totally viable excuses for not typing up a scrumptious blog post. Well, viable excuse for me at least. To those who were wondering what street I crossed without looking both ways…no worries, I didn’t forget about you! (But I did find a delicious espresso machine that’s been taking up my energy and admiration time).

Each week, I go the bustling farmer’s market across the street from me. Lately, each week, I come home with a bushel of rainbow chard. I can’t help myself. Something about the brightly colored red, orange, and yellow stalks draws me to them. I may have said this weekend that I’m getting a little tired of chard, but I’ll bet myself ten dollars that should rainbow chard happen to be at my favorites product stand early Saturday morning, I’ll certainly come home with a bushel.

But what to do with it? Saute it with some garlic and oil…check. Use it in a veggie scramble…check. Quickly boil in water, drain, and serve with a squeeze of lemon…delicious. Creamed chard…it was okay. So this weekend, I put rainbow chard with another favorite: cheese. It’s no joke that I adore cheese. There’s very little better than lunch on a Saturday after a day of farmer’s markets and volunteering than a delicious, creamy panini.

Rainbow chard and brie panini for two

4 leaves of fresh rainbow chard, thick stems removed (can be saved for sauteing or other things)

4 slices of think, whole wheat bakery bread (or fresh made, if you’re so inclined)

4 slices of double creme brie, just at room temperature

2 teaspoons Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

Special item: Panini Press

1. Heat the panini press to desired temperature. I used medium to high heat, based on my machine.

2. Spread Raspberry Chipotle Sauce on one side of two slices of bread.

3. Put the brie on the slice of bread with the Raspberry Chiportle sauce on it, and the chard on top of the brie, then top off the sandwhich.

4. Put in panini press until brie starts to melt and chard starts to wilt. Probably about 10 minutes.

There’s little difficult in this recipe. I know, it’s nothing novel. But sometimes novel doesn’t always hit the spot. Enjoy!

  1. Kim said:

    I am not sure why the system thinks this is Kim, but it’s your mom. Anyway, get Laurels quiche recipe. With chard. It is Awesome.

    Love you


  2. Nora said:

    I just bought a panini press last weekend!


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