I can’t resist a deal. It’s hereditary, just ask my mother. She’ll tell you the same thing. Of course, I’ve learned over the years to curb impulse spending and purchases. Some of it is the gravity that comes with responsibilities (read: bills). Other parts come from my overly practical side (says the women who just purchased a two-door vehicle). Either way, there are some impulse buys I tend not to ignore: grocery store purchases. For one, I know it will get consumed, by either Casey or me. Secondly, why say no to good food? Thirdly, all this nonsensical waning about impulses purchases and practicality is really only to tell you, whoever you happen to be, that I purchased lots of watermelon. Because they were being sold for less than $2.00. Not a pound. Each. Um…excuse me, but…that’s a pretty awesome deal.

Now I’ve got two rather large watermelons sitting on my breakfast bar. And while Casey and I could certainly do our best to consume them ourselves, or we could invite throngs of people over for traditional summer fare (of which, I consider watermelon). Better yet, I remember a cookbook skimmed over in hasty abandon and a recipe for Watermelon juice.

Right. I mean, there is apple juice. Orange juice. Grape juice. Carrot juice. Why not Watermelon juice? Watermelon itself is a good source of potassium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.

I used 1/4 of my 5-6lbs water melon for each batch. You’ll also need 1/4 sugar and 1/4 cup water for a simple syrup, as well as 1 cup water to help make the juice. If you have a larger blender, then feel free to make larger batches. The juice has a lovely, rich red color and I found it refreshing when paired with sparkling water on a hot June afternoon. Better yet, if you are hosting a summer barbeque, you can pre-mix a good batch of this and combine with sparkling water, vodka, and some mint as an afternoon cocktail.

  1. In a small saucepan, heat 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup sugar until combined in a simple syrup
  2. Coarsely cube the watermelon (about 1 to 3 cups) and put in blender.
  3. Add one cup of water.
  4. Blend the watermelon and water together until emulsified. If the juice is too thick, you can add more water at this point. Just remember that you can also thin the juice out with sparkling water was you drink it.
  5. Add the simple syrup and blend until combined.
  6. Enjoy over ice, mixed with sparkling water, or mixed in a vodka coctail.
  7. Refrigerate the juice for up to 5 days in a sealed container.


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