Making Mistakes and Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ll start with honesty: we all make mistakes. I make mistakes. I’m often wrong. And generally, before I admit to it, I try to find a plausible reason why something went wrong. Scratch that. I’ll take any reason. That’s why before I get into this, I’d like to tell you about my oven. It’s a free-standing, flat top, 30 inch electric oven, in black. When you turn it on, you almost feel the kitchen gain 10 degrees in temperature. The self clean feature? Sure, if that’s what you want to call. Flat top electric stove top? Talk about cleaning nightmare. We’ve known each other slightly over two years; and my previous oven relationships include a gas range, low-end something or other in a college apartment and my mother’s lovely convection oven that heats like a dream and has a self cleaning function that works. My oven does the job. Sure. Of course, my oven also takes finesse, giving me a perfect out if something turns out wonky.

Take these cookies I made (side bar, I love chocolate chips cookies!). They looked lovely going into the oven. Then out they came, burnt crispy about the edges and the chocolate chips and dried cranberries congregating in a clump in the center. Naturally, I blamed my oven.

I was wrong.


Later, sitting on the sofa eating one of the aforementioned cookies, I followed my process, remembered the dough to chocolate chip ratio being off. Then it hit me. I forgot the extra cup of flour. Rather than 2 and 1/4 cup, my cookies were made with 1 and 1/4 cup. Reduce gluten cookies, anyone?

Watch for a recipe later on, once perfected. And made with the appropriate amount of flour. I swear, this is the last time I try to multi-task and bake at the same time. Did I mention I was painting the doors to the laundry closet while baking? Bad idea. At least the knew door knobs look great!


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