Have you seen my kitchen table? Oh there it is…but now where did my nightstand go? No, I’m not crazy. Just obsessive. This weekend, I re-started my “check-out-every-last-cook-book-in-the-library” hobby. The flame rekindled when I stopped by Casey’s library, which I normally don’t frequent. In between all the cookbook I’ve had him return for me, there were new treasures to be had. Here are few:

David Lebovitz: Ready for Dessert

When am I not ready for dessert? This deliciously photographed book of dessert recipes will make you want to run out to your baking-supply shop, purchase the highest quality chocolate on the shelves, and start baking. And even if you don’t get that urge immediately, the recipes, pictures and stories are worth meditating over.

Dorie Greenspan: Paris Sweets, Great Desserts from the City’s Best Pastry Shops

Back to this on-going Paris discussion. I keep waking up craving freshly baked, flaky croissants, or even a baguette that is the perfect balance of crunch on the outside and chewing deliciousness on the inside (smothered with fresh butter and raspberry jam or nutella, of course). Reading Dorie Greenspan tell her stories, and the stories of the great pastry chefs whose recipes are meticulously detailed within this book’s pages, brings me a small amount of solace. Now if I could just find the perfect croissant…

Terry Walters: Clean Food, A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to the Source

Given my religious trek to the farmer’s market each Saturday, I’d say I’m already “eating close to the source.” However, like my mother before me, I have a repertoire of staple dishes that blossom into only so many variations. I am always looking for new ideas to use the delicious fresh veggies and fruits I pick up Saturday mornings. A note: there is little fluff in this tome. Recipes come with a quick intro and straightforward instructions.

Tom Colicchio and Sisha Ortuzar: ‘wishcraft

Call me a terrible daughter. My mother purchased this for me as a Christmas gift perhaps two years ago. This is my first time thoroughly perusing it. I love the sandwhich as an all-encompassing meal, particularly with the new work shift and the debilitating summer heat. Enjoy in small doses, lest those you cook for start wondering if you’ve given up cooking entirely and moved solely to sandwich making.

I’ve enjoyed my weekend in the books. Parker, on the other hand, finds all this reading exhausting.

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