Chocolate Luxury

My mother’s kitchen remodel has been decades in the making. As envious as I am of her two beautifully functioning ovens, her induction stove-top that boils water in 90 seconds, and the pantry with functional cabinets, I can’t be too upset and remind myself to be thankful for a rather large kitchen that fits two adults comfortably, and three if no one is doing any cooking. However, it’s only fitting that I made this luxurious dessert for the first time in my mother’s new, luxurious remodel. And the fact that I splurged (I usually just check books out form the library) on the cook book it came from makes this chocolate custard cake not only an alliteration, but also extravagant.

This cake recipe comes from David Lebovitz’s Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes. A book with recipes and photos matching in opulence. Read my review here. David calls this cake Racine’s cake, for the restuarant he discovered it at. I call it Chocolate Luxury.Recipe to follow after the wedding…for now, please enjoy the delectable pictures.

Butter and chocolate. Are there two better things in this world?


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