From PA, with love

Despite surprisingly warm temperatures, one of the joys of my visit to Philadelphia was the true-autumn that permeated everyday. From golden and ruby leaves to a brisk autumn breeze to an abundance of apples and squash at the farmers market, the trip afforded a well-needed break from 80 degrees. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankfully for cooler temperatures in Phoenix, but the charm of autumn is lacking.

Can't recall seeing this in the PHX area lately...

The trip started with dinner at a quaint Thai Restaurant around the corner from N’s apartment in Queen Village. N sampled the Pad Thai; I went for the green curry with Thai eggplant. All around delicious. Plus, it was N’s first experience with Thai iced-tea. Hopefully she’s now hooked.

We spent Saturday wandering around the neighborhood, trying to find the ideal photo-op spot. Which we didn’t exactly find. We did, however, make it over to Reading Terminal Market for a Harvest Festival – complete with fresh, small batch donuts and a hay ride. I think it’s worth mentioning that in our trek around town, we barely missed being sucked into Occupy Philly. Really, it wasn’t our fault they crossed the street in our direction. Saturday afternoon was spent at Blocktoberfest – which, alongside various beers included these delicious cupcakes. One is a Guiness Cupcake with a Baileys Irish Creme frosting. The other is an Absolut Red Velvet Cake from Sweet Box Cupcakes

  1. mike milczarek said:

    You skipped your opportunity to join OWS? Por que?


  2. N. said:

    I will indeed be sampling some more Thai iced tea. 😉


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