Roast Chicken Sunday Supper

I spent last weekend flipping my way through Nigella Lawson’s “Feast.” I always feel slightly overwhelmed after finished one of Nigella’s cookbooks. And that’s a terrible feeling when the majority of her recipes sound worth trying. She has a knack for adjective-heavy prose and she brings her character to her food. In a book centered around food worth celebrating, I appreciated Nigella including spaghetti carbonara as a “first night feast,” to be enjoyed in bed. What’s not to celebrate?

Lord knows we make spaghetti carbonara enough. It’s Casey’s go to staple when dinner is behind and we’re hungry. But being that I haven’t really cooked since I returned from my trip to Pennsylvania, I decided to start with a delicious fail safe: roast chicken. The recipe, from Nigella’s “Feast” is simple, straight forward, and delicious. My dinner guest thought I’d slaved away in the kitchen all day, when really the chicken took ten minutes of my time then cooked itself in the oven for about 75 minutes.

Nigella’s Roast Lemon Chicken

  1. One 3.5 pound chicken
  2. One large lemon
  3. One tablespoon butter
  4. One tablespoon salt

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Be sure that the chicken is a room temperature. Place it in a roasting pan – or I used a 13×9 pyrex. Put one half of the lemon into the cavity along with some of the salt. Rub the butter over the skin of the chicken. For a variation, you can use a garlic and herb butter.

Roast for 60 to 80 minutes. Use a meat thermometer to ensure the chicken is at 160 degrees. When the chicken is complete, let rest for 15 minutes. Squeeze the remainder of the lemon over the chicken and sprinkle the remainder of the salt.

Serve with your preferred side. I paired my chicken with smashed new potatoes, steamed carrots, and farm fresh sugar snap peas.


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