Cranberries, Upside Down

I’m cleaning out my cranberry laden freezer. Cranberries – those magically tart, seductively red fruit – spend precious little time on our palettes. I generally find them confined to October through December fare, and most famously paired with Thanksgiving. But where do this little gems go after turkey day? Which is why I stocked up after the holiday this year, packing high-priced freezer real estate with cranberries. If you’re looking for an easy, posh-looking dessert for a dinner party, Sunday brunch, or even Valentines day, give this updated Cranberry Up-side-down cake a try. You’ll find the base recipe here, along with some old school photos from what feels like eons (and multiple cameras) ago. This jazzed up version adds walnuts to the cranberry and caramelized sugar topping, as well as orange peel to the batter. And don’t forget that whimsical sprinkling of powdered sugar. The verdict: a not too sweet finish for a delicious occasion.


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