Doisneau – Les Halles and Redevelopment

I thought it would be fitting to post about the Doisneau exhibit we went to in Paris, particularly today, on Doisneau’s 100th birthday. The exhibition – located at 29 rue de Rivoli (in the Hotel de Ville) – showcases Doisneau’s photography of Les Halles, from his first photo in 1933 to the changes in the district he captured for 40 years. The exhibition is free and runs through April 28.

I first became a fan of Doisneau in high school, where many of my friends had copies of this picture, expanding my familiarity with his work over the years. I enjoyed getting to view the prints of life in the market of Les Halles, from the butcher with a pig’s head on his chopping block to the shop girls in the flower the market. The exhibit includes shots of Les Halles redesign in the 1970s, including the inaugural celebration. The tour ends with a video on Les Halles current redevelopment, which includes a new commercial center, a revamped RER station, and a larger public garden space. All to be completed by 2016.


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