Pork Soup – Lost but then Found

For almost three years now, I’ve been hearing about two things Casey misses from his childhood growing up on the Rue Au Marie in Paris. First: steamed pork buns, which for the longest time he kept calling pork dumplings, and I kept finding and order pork dumplings on restaurants in hopes we’d come across these ethereal delights from his childhood. Second: pork soup served at the postage stamp sized restaurant down the street from his house. The soup is apparently a “secret family recipe” and once belong to the restaurant’s two meal menu. Sadly, when Casey taught in Paris in ’09, the soup was no longer a menu staple.

I’m happy to report that on this trip, we’ve uncovered a similar pork soup, chalked full of the flavors and fresh cilantro Casey remembers from childhood. In the spirit of this rediscovery, enjoy the food snapshots from our trip. Nothing too glamorous, just some of the dishes we have fond memories of from previous trips.

This marks the last second to last Paris post, and then I’ll get back to the regular programming.

the famous pork soup, found and enjoyed.

at the cafe down the street from Casey’s mom’s place. Personally, I’m a big fan of chèvre, and this huge, herbed portion of it was delicious.

you might think it strange that a go-to-meal is a gyros in the Latin Quarter. When I visited in 2010, I spent a whole day in bed with a cold. The Latin Quarter gyros was the first real food I ate after recovering. Its salty, spiced goodness tasted wonderful.

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  1. mike said:

    Yummy, that is inspiration


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