Where have I been?

I feel the need to apologize for the lack of exciting posts this week. Of course, I love looking at pictures of Parker. I can’t say that’s the same for all viewers! Life picked up its pace over the past two weeks, meaning our eating has morphed to quick-fix dishes and comfortable standbys that never seem to let us down.

Last week, in between errands, picking up the pieces from a crazy-busy work week, and a wonderful engagement party for friends (hooray!), I slow simmered a tomato sauce, refrigerating some and freezing the rest. I made a tasty, yet tart arugula pesto, which added a depth of flavor to our Trader Joe’s raviolis midway through the week. Friday – I think much to Casey’s chagrin – I offered to scrambled some eggs with spinach and Parmesean. Tasty, but not exactly a hearty meal. (You’re probably tired of hearing this, but who cooks when it’s 105+ out? I’m thinking I might make room for myself in the refrigerator!)

And there there was this semi-inspired idea. I found these delicious and adorable golden beats, tender greens still attached, at our Farmer’s market on Saturday. By Saturday night, the greens were starting to wilt (damn heat!). In a desperate attempt, I thought….beet risotto? Roasted beets, sautéed beet greens, goat cheese rather than Parmesan. The result: a creamy and earthy risotto. I’ll be honest. Pieces of chopped, crisped pancetta would have added a depth of flavor and salt to the risotto it could have used. Recipe to follow.

I think it’s a good thing I’ve got some baked treats in the works. Yes, that’s right! I decided to turn on the oven on. 🙂


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