Our Pizza Adventures

I’ve been debating whether to share this with you. My main hesitation stems from a fervent dislike of inciting jealousy. Casey and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary…and like the glorious newlyweds that we are, we dragged the celebration out for most of the month. I received my gift at the beginning (tickets to “Anything Goes!”). Casey received his gift on our actually anniversary (Jim Lahey’s My Pizza). And somewhere in the middle of month, we went to the theatre, which was just delightful! And all month long…Casey’s been perfecting this very important skill: making pizza. 

While we’re still working out some of the finer kinks – oven temperature, heat distribution, etc – the overall output is delicious. I’m also glad to say that pizza is fully his domain – though sometimes I advice on toppings. When we get a little better at it, we’ll start sharing some of his experiments.

Until then, day dream about this little lovely: Nutella Cheesecake. I shared this as a weekend find back in October and had the opportunity to make it for a family birthday. Heavenly. Not that we need another holiday treat to add to the arsenal…

  1. Sasha said:

    Good luck with your pizza journey! Dough recipes intimidate me soooo much, so kudos to you!


    • Katie said:

      Thanks Sasha! I’m also intimidated by dough recipes. If only you could have seen the atrocity that was the pie crust I tried to make for Thanksgiving (this is why I stick to no-roll, press-in tart dough!). Thankfully, Casey is in charge of this endeavor. 🙂


  2. Yes! I love pizza! I’m pretty sure that Matt got me Jim Lahey’s book for Christmas and I am looking forward to trying to make my own dough. Casey’s pizza looks awesome!


  3. Katie said:

    Haha! Well, hopefully there’s a surprise gift for you as well :). Looking forward to hearing about your pizza adventures!


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