Weekend Finds

Well, it happened. December arrived and the blogosphere is awash with holiday gift ideas. For this weekend finds, here is one I perused this weekend, in between cleaning out the fridge (oddly exciting) and roasting a chicken.

  • a favorite blog of mine, The Smitten Kitchen, now has a cookbook. Perfect holiday gift for any cook. The pictures are gorgeous (as always) and the recipes are delicious (as always). I recently made the slow cook black beans and blitz them into a warming black bean soup on a chilly night. Read lovingly written reviews here and here
  • A Gift Guide in Parts, by Joanna Goddard from A Cup of Jo. Delightful.
  • For the five pounds of lemons you I recently bought at the grocery store (it was only $5; how could I resist?)
  • Idea for homemade holiday gift.

And because I can’t resist — Parker thinks he looks handsome with the twinkling lights behind him.

holiday catIMG_1533

  1. Hey Katie, thanks so much for stopping by our blog yesterday. We’re so glad you liked what you saw! I’ve also been anxiously awaiting The Smitten Kitchen cookbook, as that’s one of my absolute favorite food blogs. I’ve let the appropriate parties know that I MUST HAVE IT, so hopefully it will show up under my Christmas tree sometime soon. =)


    • Katie said:

      Hi Sarah! The book is fantastic! I borrowed it from my library here and before I was halfway through, I knew I needed to add this book to my collection: I’d already marked almost all the recipes as “Try this!” in my head! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that come the end of this month, you’re working your way through Deb’s fantastic book!


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