Weekend Finds+

This weekend has been more of a whirlwind than much else, and I’ve been seriously slacking on the cooking (apologies…food related posts will begin again shortly). Until then, more cook book recommendations for the holidays and an out-take from participating in 25 Days of Christmas Photo Challenge with Annie over at The Little GSP. 

  • Part memoir, part cookbook, Luisa Weiss’s My Berlin Kitchen. You can also follow her blog here.
  • The candle to burn while sipping your Jane Austen inspired tea.
  • Parker is definitely a fan of treats; though, I have to say, this cat is even more so.

25 Days of Christmas Photo Challenge:

1. Lights – you’ve seen this one before, but it’s just perfect enough to post twice!


2.  Decorations


3. Gifts: I’ve just started the wrapping, mainly for this photo challenge!


4. Tradition: Parker – adorable though he is – has a penchant for climbing trees, which is why we don’t have a tree. Over the last three years, our dining room light served as a make shift — sure the ornaments are pretty, but I miss the pine smell.


5. Santa: multiple Santa ornaments adorn our Christmas chandelier.


6. Stockings: Alas, we don’t hang stockings in our house, put Parker would like you to admire his snow-shoe-stockinged feet? 😉


7. Snow: We’re a bit short of winter precipitation here in the Phoenix Metro area, so here  are two favorites from Colorado, January 2012

IMG_0134 Colorado January

  1. I’m so glad that you joined in on the photo challenge! Also, I LOVE your first Colorado picture of the snow!! And Parker’s stocking-ed paws. 🙂


  2. Cristen said:

    Thanks for Sharing the video too. That was adorable.
    I love your CO photos! Then again, this is my home… and we are a bit short of snow here too.


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