Weekend Finds+

This weekend, it rained. Starting Thursday night, most of the day Friday, and well into Saturday. Today, I woke up to mist in the cemetery across the street. Fifteen minutes later, the mist turned into fog (see second picture).

IMG_1569 IMG_1571This weekend find is entirely dedicated to the 25 Days of Christmas Photo Challenge. If you’re interested, visit Annie at The Little GSP to see her days 8-14!

Day 8. Tree – as you learned last week, we don’t have a tree due to Parker’s penchant for climbing. We do, however, have a “fake” tree.


Day 9. Treats – like this would be a tough one. A full post about these lovelies soon (very soon, I promise!).

Nutella Fudge

Day 10. Joy. Oh dear. On Day 10 and 11, I struggled. Here is a photo of a photo collection of my family that brings me much joy.


Day 11: Carols. I wanted to snap a shot of the scene from “Love Actually,” when that one character holds up the sign that reads, “Say it’s carol singers.” Naturally, I didn’t think about it in that moment of watching. So just imagine it. And if you haven’t seen “Love Actually,” I recommend it.

Day 12: Vintage – This tablecloth belonged to my grandmother. It’s about as vintage a Christmas decoration as I own.

Hazel's Tablecloth

Day 13: Festive – perhaps I should have used this photo for “Day 8: Tree”, but I find my in-laws Christmas tree to be particularly festive.


Day 14: Glitter. Speaks for itself, really.



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