25 Days of Christmas (15-25)

With Christmas behind us and Boxing Day coming to a close, here my final shots for the 25 Days of Christmas Photo Challenge.

Day 15: Warmth. Parker: providing foot warming since 2009.

Warmth 2012

Day 16: Ornaments. Self explanatory.

Ornaments 2012

Day 17: Wreath. I missed the fragrant pine scent that a live tree brings. Thankfully, this wreath found at Trader Joe’s did the trick.

Wreath 2012

Day 18: Giving. Brown Sugar Cookies, all packaged to give away at the office.

Giving 2012

Day 19: Reindeer.  Aren’t they cute?Reindeer 2012

Day 20: Memories. Jelly Nut Wreaths redux. My grandmother used to make these cookies with the center cut out and decorated with nuts. Here is the version my mom makes – good memories all around with these cookies.

Memories 2012

Day 21: Cookies. Biscotti. Almond and chocolate chunk. Don’t mind the slightly mangled appearance. These biscotti may look like they’ve lost the chocolate war, but they win on flavor.


Day 23: Sparkle. Nothing like some sprinkles to add sparkles.


Day 24: Christmas Eve. We played some terrible hands of rummy.

Christmas Eve 2012

Day 25: Unwrapped. A Dove promise, shaped like a snowflake. Unwrapped and ready to delight.

unwrapped 2012

For more photo challenge fun, stop by The Little GSP and see how Annie wrapped up her 25 days! Thanks for following along. Regular food and weekend finds programming will be back shortly!

PS – I hope you all had wonderful Christmases. I certainly enjoy my time with family!

  1. Martha Brown said:

    Loved this – great pics!


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