The culinary adventures of a road trip?

Colorado From the Car

It’s that time of year again: our annual trek to Durango, CO for some snow, skiing, and pizza. Yes, you heard me right: pizza. There were also some surprising food-related-firsts on the trip that, according to Casey, we had to document, so without further ado: here’s a little paragraph or two about our mini-break.

First, it’s a 8-9 hour road trip, depending on how many stops you make. We traverse two state lines (New Mexico and Colorado) and increase our elevation by 6,357 feet. Radio coverage is hit or miss once you get outside of the Flagstaff area; to alleviate the quiet, I make sure to pack the iPod with podcasts. (Our favorite: Stuff You Missed in History Class). Oh, and did I mention: we bring Parker along with us? It’s a family road trip after all!

"Let me drive!"

“Let me drive!”

When we arrive, there are a few musts: a trip to Honeyville to pick up local sweetness, a trip to Carvers (we didn’t make it this year, but there’s always next), and a trip to delicious pizza and funky vibe at the Olde Schoolhouse Pizza. They do a crazy popular take out business, but the real charm is in the setting. Located in an old schoolhouse, the pizza and bar offer plenty of reading material to entertain you (in the form of signed dollar bills stapled to wall, ceiling, windowsill, beam, et al) or traditional bar games (pool, shuffleboard, darts) for the more kinesthetic student. It’s funky, it’s homey, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to hang out with Cat-man-do, official mascot and cat of the place. Good beer selection, tasty pizza. If you’re in the area, do stop by. (Hint: on weekends and busy season, wait can be up to 1 hour – call ahead to place your order).

Of course, my culinary adventure did not end there. Here’s the big surprise, the food-related-first hinted at in beginning. Up to this point, I don’t remember ever having had a Wendy’s Frosty. It’s quite possible I had one when I was younger, but I honestly don’t remember. So to mark the occasion, here’s a photo. (Yes, it’s chocolate flavor. Accordingly Casey, that’s the only flavor Frosties come in).

frostySo there you have it, a brief culinary specked synopsis of our four day (two on the road) trip to CO. How did you spend your MLK weekend? Did you participate in the national day of service?

  1. The Inukshuk said:

    Parker is simply beautiful. That’s all I have to say 🙂


    • Katie said:

      Thank you! Trust me, he knows he’s a handsome one and often uses it to con his way to extra treats.


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