Weekend Finds

What a weekend it was! My parents were in town for a wedding, and while the chilly weather thwarted our plans for botanical gardens, the driving range, and other outside activity on Saturday, we did have three delicious meals together. Two (dinner and Sunday brunch) were at two favorite restaurants of ours: Pomo Pizzeria and Chez Vous Creperie. After each meal, my parents mentioned how delicious each was. Which promoted me to realize that that’s why Casey and I rarely go elsewhere: our two favorite places are so good, and for a couple that doesn’t eat out much, why risk the chance (and the change?). The third delicious meal was a pasta concocted on the fly with left over ingredients…obligatory teaser picture below:


Aside form family and food, here are some finds I enjoyed this weekend:

  • I’m about four years late to this Young House Love party, but I’m so glad I stumbled upon the Petersik’s entertaining blog this past weekend. 
  • A great read for the fan of English history. Captivating story telling and tying together of historical events. There’s even a BBC special documentary tie-in.
  • A new spin on rutabaga. Let’s be honest here, when was the last time you ate a rutabaga?
  • And doesn’t this tart look divine? (Added plus: its gluten-free, paleo and vegan?)

Perhaps the best weekend find of all? This new rug for the hallway. Parker approves:


  1. Looks tasty, I’m glad I’ve just eating or I’d be salivating right now x
    P.S. That is one comfy cat!! ;p


    • Katie said:

      I would say that that is one indecent cat, but I’m sure he would prefer we call him comfy. Posting the “recipe” for the pasta tonight!


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