Casey Cooks: Thai Chicken Curry

Casey cooked up this delicious Chicken Khao Soi from March 2013's Bon Appetit

Casey cooked up this delicious Chicken Khao Soi from March 2013’s Bon Appetit

I enjoy receiving mail – well, the good kind of mail, not bills – and more importantly, I look forward to about the middle of each month when my two food magazine subscriptions arrive. I pretty much read them cover to cover either that day or within the next 48 hours, but lately, a silent battle over first readership of Bon Appetit has emerged.

Battle is a tiny exaggeration, but we’re working on sharing. And it’s a good thing too, because this delicious dinner came from it. I don’t recall when I first had coconut curry, but I know I’ve had a hard time resisting ordering coconut curries when I see them on the menu. That’s why this Thai inspired chicken curry really hit the spot.

And today, when it’s rainy and overcast (and snowing in some parts of Arizona!), doesn’t a warm, creamy soup with just the right amount of bite from spice and crunch from fresh garnishes sound perfect?



I encourage you to try this. Casey forewarns that it took him roughly two hours, to make the paste, cook soup, almost forget the noodles, but then finely put together this delicious soup. Recipe at bon appetit.

Thai Curry Soup

  1. the dish looks delish, luckily I have enough ingredients in my fridge to recreate it, thank you for the recipe and have a nice day ^^


    • Katie said:

      I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Let me know how it works out for you!


  2. Michael said:

    Haven’t tried yet but what do you eat with a thai curry please


    • Katie said:

      Hi Michael. Thanks for stopping by! Generally, we eat curry over rice or a whole grain (like quinoa, spelt, etc). This specific recipe was a chicken coconut curry soup, which we ate with garnishes of bean sprouts, cilantro and lime.


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