(Completely Addictive) Hot Chocolate Cookies

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

You know that moment you connect and you know it’s meant to be? When you’re quite certain you may have found your soulmate; and, the best part is: once your done with one batch, you cane just make another.

I’m talking about these cookies people. Chocolat first introduced me to spiced hot chocolate, with cayenne pepper and cinnamon. And in hot chocolate, the combination is tasty. In a cookie, the combination is just pure delicious.

Amateur Gourmet, a blog a regularly follow, featured these cookies back in January, when the weather was cooler and hot chocolate more likely on the brain. I have to say, they worked out well in March and are a great way to get the sensation of a cocoa-rich treat as the weather warms up.

making mexican hot chocolate cookies

Find the base recipe here, at Amateur Gourmet. I used ground hazelnuts, rather than almonds, because I had it on hand. Overall, it lent a mild Nutella note to the cookies. What could be better?

  1. Leah said:

    These sound delicious. I’ve yet to try the spicy hot chocolate fad or hot chocolate cookies. This may be my turning point!


    • Katie said:

      I made a cayenne spiced chocolate cookie for Christmas a few years back – they were a little too spicy (I was also heavy handed with the cayenne). For a subtler kick, try chili powder over cayenne.


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