Pizza Friday

Spring Pizza

Over the course of the last month, we’ve been eating pizza twice a week. This is not to prove that we eat unhealthfully, but rather to get our fill of Casey’s signature pizzas before the outside temps in Phoenix make turning the oven on unbearable.

Over the past month, Casey has perfected his use of the ever-famous Lahey no knead pizza dough. With the help of Lahey’s “My Pizza“, which was gifted for our anniversary last year, and a pizza peel, which Casey received as a birthday gift this year, Casey and our oven have been cranking out delicious pizza.

Our combinations are still pretty traditional: ricotta with asparagus, peas and pancetta; red onion, parm, tomato base, and sausage; mushrooms and cheese.

Pizza and Wind: Kitchen Notes

Here’s what Casey has learned during the process:

  • As any baker knows, just because the oven beeps and tells you it’s at the preset temperature, give it another 15-20 minutes to actually get to the temperature
  • Use cornmeal to help maneuver your pizza dough from peel to stone
  • Always preheat the stone. I repeat: always preheat the stone
  • Don’t go over board the toppings
  • When making the dough, be precise. A change in the water content changes how the dough will cook.

Our pizza making season is over, at least until November, when temps start to die down again. But for those of you with mild springs and summers, here is an additional article to read about making homemade pizza.

  1. gosh, all the pizzas look stunning and delicious, I’d love to have a pizza month too !! ^^


    • Katie said:

      I’ve felt very lucky! And I’m glad Casey found his niche in the kitchen.


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