A case of the Wednesday lazies

Radish and Avocado Tartine at Kitchen Notes

I recall promising you posts from a Hawaii vacation, and while I haven’t forgotten those promises, tonight I was in need of something quick to eat and quick to write (since other encroaching deadlines have me writing reams). For those nights when I’ve overindulged in snacking during the workday or am not feeling particularly hungry, light meals do it for me. And on really lazy nights, I curl up with a bowl of cereal and an episode or two of a prime time melodrama. (Sidebar: I recently started watching Scandal on ABC and am hooked!). Yes, I dedicate the majority of my blogging time food. But food bloggers don’t always eat fantastically prepared meals that are well photographed, or even photogenic. To prove the point, here’s what I ate for a quick bite.

  • Rye crisp (like Wasaba)
  • Sliced Comte cheese
  • Thin sliced radishes
  • Avocado
  • Sea salt and pepper sprinkle (a little heavy handed on the pepper)

Radish and avocado tartine at Kitchen Notes


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