Travel Notes: Hawaii

Hawaii from Kitchen Notes

Casey and I, along with my family (parents, sister, and brother-in-law), took our first family vacation last month. We vacayed at a beach house in Oahu Hawaii, for R&R and beach. Arizona has sand aplenty but the water is in short supply.

I remember Hawaii as a single digit youth, some eight year old enamoured with the sauve and handsome waiter at our cruise dinner table. I recall much about the trip, only that it was my first cruise, I took a picture with parrots on my shoulders, I saw a turtle on the beach, and my sister squealed through her snorkle while some fish swam around her (sorry sis, just keeping in real). Coming back as an adult, the beauty of the island is much more appreciated.

sea turtles at kitchen notes hawaii at kitchen notes

From and food and wine standpoint, I’ll regale you with this delicious shrimp truck we went to not once, twice, but thrice. Thrice surprised me, as I’ve often stated that I do not eat fish. Often. Rarely. Minimally. The rare salmon entree. On my first stop to ‘Dat Cajun Guy, I enjoyed the sausage po’boy and shared a red beans an rice with my sister. We shared a serving of sweet potato fries as a family. And I tried freshly cooked shrimp.

And from there my eating horizon opened up. I remember trying shrimp cocktail as a kid and not enjoying the chewy texture. So the bottom line: fresh caught shrimp, I can enjoy. Even more so if that shrimp becomes part of ‘Dat Cajun Guy’s Cajun Style BBQ Shrimp. A sweet and spicy sauce flecked with deep flavor, garlic, and red pepper flakes. For more information on the recipe, I’d recommend taking a trip to the North Shore and seeing if you can get him to talk…

dat cajun guy fish po'boy from dat cajun guy at kitchen notes cajun shrimp from dat cajun guy at kitchen notes

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  1. Casey said:

    Although that shrimp looks awesome and my fish po’boy looks lackluster, think again! The combo of good fish, red remoulade and not overly breaded meant I reordered this po’boy the second time around without hesitation.


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