Weekend Finds: Churn Ice Cream

Churn AZ Icecream from Kitchen NotesI’m not ashamed to admit I’m a homebody. I enjoy making a good meal (many of which you, dear readers, hear about here on this blog), chatting with Casey, or snuggling with Parker, enjoying a cup of tea, a good book, and then the night is through. But recently, I’ve been trying to “get more” into my weekends.

More than the usual we all have: laundry, groceries, cleaning. Because there is enough laundry, groceries, and cleaning to last a life time. And a house vacuumed on Monday is only slightly dirtier than a house vacuumed on Sunday.

This weekend, to break the cycle, we drove across town to check out what a used book store and try out some local ice cream: Churn. The nostalgically decorated shop includes standard and rotating feature flavors, freshly baked goods, and throw-back candies. We tried are hardest to get a picture, but I was having some serious iPhone difficulties. Below is out best shot: one scoop of mint cookie ice cream in a pretzel cone and one scoop of double chocolate sherbert, also in a pretzel cone. Definitely going back, especially because that “Fat Elves” Sundae looks divine.

  1. Linda said:

    OMG, pretzel cones??? Those look amazing! 🙂


    • Katie said:

      The pretzel cone cemented the decision to drive way out of our way to try it! It was delicious!


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