Tarte aux Myrtilles

Tarte Aux Myrtelles from Kitchen Notes

Gosh golly, where didi June go to? Even more pressing: where did the second quarter of the year go? Dear readers, I’ve been a terrible, lack-luster blogger this month, and I can’t guarantee that the rest of the summer will be better. Stay with me, if you can handle bi-weekly posting and a scattering of thoughts…

Despite the lack of posts or pictures to prove it, June was pretty darn delicious:

  • Turkey burgers with white cheddar and beer braised onions
  • Fresh campari tomato sauce with red onion, mozarella, and basil
  • Thai style salad with peanut sauce
  • Thai Steak Salad

and, a tarte aux Myrtilles – or blueberry tart. I pinned this recipe to pinterest almost a year ago, waiting for berry season to begin. My “food” board on pinterest was so full, all the delicious recipes I’ve been obssessively pinning were getting lost in the fray; this blueberry tart recipe was found when I spent an hour organizing my boards.

The recipe comes from Clotilde’s blog Chocolate and Zucchinni. When I made this recipe, I didn’t use any weights to keep the dough down and this resulted in a puffier crust. I also will mash some of the blueberries up before baking them, as I didn’t do this time. This tart = not too sweet, delicious blueberry flavor perfect to the end of a fourth of July barbecue. Serve with some lemon or mint infused creme fraiche.

Kitchen Notes


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