Berries + new kitten

Salt Kissed Raspberry Cake at Kitchen Notes

What an exciting, crazy, silly, hot summer it’s been! And here we are:  June gone, July quickly melting away into August. Where does the time fly? I mentioned to the security guard at work today that it’s hard to believe today is July 8. I’ll close my eyes and tomorrow will be 2014. To which he told me to slow down.

Duly noted. I probably need to slow down on the berry purchasing, because I can’t seem to keep up with eating or baking them fast enough. In truth, I don’t think it’s too good for me to eat all the berry baked goodness that’s been frequenting this house this summer.

Fresh Raspberries at Kitchen Notes

As mentioned in my last post, I’m working my way through multiple pinterest pins involving summer berries. I recently tried Heidi Swanson’s salt-kissed buttermilk cake: a chewy, dense whole wheat snacking cake studded with (summer’s best fruit) raspberries and garnished with sugar and some large grain salt flakes.

I enjoyed  slices with coffee in the morning or served with a bit of cream for dessert in the evening. My concerns over a completely whole wheat snacking cake being too dry quickly dissipated when I took my first bite. The buttermilk and melted butter certainly do their diligence with this dish. A warning to the lackadaisical recipe reader: do read Heidi’s note about omitting the  large grain salt if you don’t have any. The full recipe is here.

Salt Kissed Raspberry Cake at Kitchen Notes

In other news, Parker is please (in a mildly annoyed way), to announce that Casey and I adopted a kitten two weeks ago. She’s taken to the name Lyla and chases all sundry of objects at 3 in the morning, while choosing to doze off at 7 am when her humans (that’s us) are having their morning coffee.

Lyla the kitten at Kitchen Notes


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