What are you making this weekend?

Blackberry and Lime Streusel Cake | Kitchen Notes

If you’re like me and haven’t been able to curb your obsessive summer berry purchasing, I highly recommend taking a stab at The Smitten Kitchen’s blueberry crumb bars. Really a surprisingly easy baked dish, especially for those of you out there who swear they can’t bake a thing — even brownies from the box.

Of course, if you’re feeling particularly short on time, you could go the boxed route for crumb bars too. I’m not generally one to tote the product line or rely on packaged items to bake or cook with, but when I go berry or stone fruit happy at the store, Dr. Oetker’s German Streusel Cake helps me out enormously.  And the taste is similar to if you were to make your crumb bars or streusel cake following Deb’s recipe linked above.

For both crumb bars and the cake, I recommend a dash of creativity with your filling. In my version of Deb’s crumb bars, I used both blueberries and raspberries together. For the “from the box” version, I macerated blackberries in some sugar and lime juice.

Both recipes come together with minimal effort and product results worthy of breakfast, brunch, or afternoon snack with friends. What recipes are you trying this weekend? When do you swap boxed mixes for the real deal?

Blackberry Lime Streusel Cake | Kitchen Notes

  1. Cristen said:

    Cookies! Can’t beat the recipe on the back of the nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips bag. Additionally, I am addicted to warm grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream…my favorite summer treat!


  2. Katie said:

    Sounds like a perfect summer weekend!


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