Week night remedy: Curried Zucchini Soup

Well: happy September to all. I’m back from vacation and suffering from a bit of kitchen lethargy. Thought that might be the jet lag (it’s really lack of inspiration in the kitchen).

So let’s talk about one of those blessing and banes of summer: zucchini. You love them and you hate them, as the quantity amasses in your garden or the price continues to entice you at the grocery store.

This quick link of recipes from The Kitchn will help you me out. I used the zucchini and garlic soup as a base recipe for a curried zucchini soup. Just substitute the garlic for 2 tablespoons of green curry paste. Serve with cilantro and a summer tomato and parsley salad.

I know this was a lazy Monday post. Vacation reflections and new (more exciting!) recipes are in the future. Here’s another zucchini post from a two years ago (at least I’m not too zucchini crazy on this blog).

Weeknight Remedy | Kitchen Notes

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