View from the Top

View from Sacre Cour Eiffel Tour | Kitchen Notes

No, not that View from the Top. You know, the movie that with Gwyneth Paltrow pre cook-book days? No…well let’s just say that some BFFs and I laughed ourselves silly as the only three people in movie theatre.

But seriously, not the movie. This is the view from the top.

Of Paris!

A true blessing of being somewhere between the tourist and the non-French speaking local, or better yet: of not being on a tight tourist timetable, is that we can leisurely alter our plans if say, there’s a two hour line to climb Notre Dame. Which is just what we did. After force marching Casey up the 300 twisty, windy, slippery steps of Sacre Cour, we decided to make these type of unparalleled views a theme on our last visit.

For Sacre Cour, there was almost no line and the view from the city’s highest point was quite unique. While most of the crowd congregated towards views of the Eiffel Tour, you can walk almost all the way around Sacre Cour’s dome for a 360 view.

Notre Dame | Kitchen Notes

For Notre Dame, be prepared to wait in a line. On a timetable? Go first thing in the morning, before the line has had time to form. Due to space limitations, only about 20 visitors are herded through at a time. Your first stop: a quaint gift shop with a video history. Your second stop: halfway up! Admire gargoyles, views, and if you’re lucky like us, a little bit of rain. The final stop: all the way up! See the city without obstructions. For those with height sensitivities, the walkway is narrow, so keep that mind. Hopefully, it’s not raining during your visit to the top, as there is not covering.

Housekeeping notes: Food posts are coming back, I promise! Aside from this trip, there’s been some work travel, some diy home improvement, and getting caught up on the 30 books in 2013 goal. All which led to some uninspiring dishes unworthy of your time. Look for posts 3x per month through October and November, with things picking up again in December!

  1. My absolute favourite city. We’ve been five times now.


    • Katie said:

      It does get better every time, doesn’t it?


      • It certainly does Katie. We usually stay in the Latin Quarter but last year we stayed in the Montmartre area which was very different and lovely. We had the most beautiful apartment through Air BnB with one of the best hosts I’ve even encountered.


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