Friday Musings (Links)

Happy Friday! I’m pretty sure I lied in my last post. You know, the one where I said I’d post 3x per month. I meant to say 2x per month. But 2x is better than none, quite frankly. I’ve been cooking in quick-easy-pre-prep and don’t take photos mode for the last three weeks, but did I bake you something I’m excited to tell you about in the next post (teaser photo included!).

For now, let’s talk Thanksgiving. I don’t generally post about planning Thanksgiving, tips for T-day, or anything pre the actual date. Why? Well, it wouldn’t be honest. I’ve never planned a Thanksgiving, nor have I cooked a turkey, nor have I made mashed potatoes (for Thanksgiving. That’s my Aunt’s job). So here are some posts from people who have (probably) prepped a thanksgiving dinner in their day, to get you ready:

  • Mix up the desserts this holiday. DALS reviewed a great new book on pies, plus a recipe included.
  • A little advice from The Kitchn. Followed by an extra tip from them as well.
  • Drink this before dinner

Off to the east coast this weekend to experience some colder weather than my Phoenician self is used to. Wish me luck!

PS – more about the photo below next weekend…




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