New Year’s Resolutions

We kicked off the first week of the new year with soup variations for the entire week. Partly brought on by sinus infection (me) and cold (Casey); partly in hopes that making cold weather food might encourage the temperature to dip below highs in the 70s. Aside: All my east coast peeps: now is the time to visit! Alas, the weather hasn’t changed, but we’re feeling much better. 

Here’s a rotation of the soup’s we made, which weren’t all photographed due to that groggy feeling of head not being attached to body. You know the one.

Curried Red Lentil and Potato Soup | Kitchen Notes

We also decided to think about making some new years resolutions for 2014, with high hopes of keeping them. I’m considering the resolutions below to be entirely doable, given their general ease of remembering:

  • Double the veggies: In cooking many recipes over the years, I always find myself wanting more vegetables when the dish is complete. Goal for 2014: always (generally) double the vegetables
  • Get outside: No more than 10-15 drive from us is a beautiful desert preserve with hiking trails of all levels. To complement the trail shoes Casey gifted me for Christmas, this year – while the weather is with us – we plan on being there once a week.
  • Apply to grad school: There. I’ve declared it publicly in the blogosphere, therefore it must happen and I can no longer put it off.

I’ve also resolved to commit myself to the following blog goals for 2014:

  • Consistent posting. My goal for Q1 2014 is twice a month.
  • Enhanced photography. This will take some time, but I’d like to continue to hone the photography on the website. It’s grown leaps and bounds since the first posts to to recent posts

What resolutions did you make for yourself this year?

Hiking on New Year's Day. Starting the resolutions off right.

Hiking on New Year’s Day. Starting the resolutions off right.

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