Asian Pork Noodles

Asian Noodles | Kitchen Notes

Who is in disbelief at how quickly January disappeared? Don’t be shy…raise your hand. You can bet that I’m raising mine. Despite it’s speed, January did provide some pleasantries. Especially a near constant craving for Asian inspired flavors.  Enter these Asian inspired pork noodles from Pinch of Yum.

I followed the recipe almost to a “t”. My additions: I doubled the sauce and cooked veggies in the it. Overall, the sauce paired well over both boiled rice and and rice noodles. I loved the array of vegetables that worked well in this dish. The variety certainly made it easy for my to meet one of my resolutions of doubling the veggies.

Asian Noodles | Kitchen Notes

And yes, I’m completely aware that I’ve failed my blogging resolution for January. The good news: I’ve spent every weekend available hiking the McDowell Mountains. In February, maybe I’ll find my blogging/hiking/living/working balance?


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