February Reading List

Some reading I’ve enjoyed this month, with a cooking lens:

  • Vegetable Literacy, Deborah Madison. Focused on cooking all varieties of vegetables in the plant kingdom, with short introductions on the plants history in human culture. Robust and full of ideas. Bottom line: a longer read, but many of the recipes are straight forward for even a less experience cook to begin experimenting.
  • It’s that time of year again: Apartment Therapy’s Homies 2014! Looking for a home doctor or diy website? Maybe an additional cooking or baking blog? Check out the lists compiled through their annual process. I haven’t made it through all the lists yet, but some of my new favorites:

Reading I’m looking forward to:

  • Whole Grain Mornings. This book as been all over the blogosphere lately. I’m not a big breakfast maker. I can pour cereal pretty well, scramble eggs, make toast, and recently oatmeal. Excited to see what this book has to offer.
  • The New Persian Kitchen. No explanation needed. Doesn’t the cover look good enough to make you want to read (or eat!) more?

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and President’s Day weekend!

  1. Ooh… the New Persian Kitchen DOES look good! Looking forward to seeing some recipes from it on your blog. 🙂


    • Katie said:

      Here’s to hoping I remember to take photographs!!!!!


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