March Reading List + a birthday cake with no pictures

If I were being graded on blogging for the month of March, I’d receive a less than passing grade. Every how to/tip/best practice out there regarding blogging highlights consistent posting as a hallmark of a great blog and consistent posting this March has been a struggle. No apologies though. Just the facts: I’m okay with not getting a passing mark in March.

Here’s what I’m reading:

  • Balaboosta: quick, fun, and a touch of exotic. Balaboosta’s collection of recipes have had me adding a bit of Moroccan and Middle Eastern flair to my dinners. The recipes I’ve marked as “Try Me!” in this book are quite extensive, and I’m pretty sure my library wants the book back soon. Some standouts: Turkish Coffee Brownies, Homemade Kit Kat Bars, Spiced Carrots, Lamb with Persian Lime sauce.
  • Vegetarian Everyday: This is the cookbook of the couple behind Green Kitchen Stories. Full of vegetarian and wholesome recipes, this book has helped me incorporate different nuts and seeds into my diet more regularly (I’m usually a die hard almond snacker, but almonds get boring after a while). Some recipes I’m looking forward to making are a breakfast crumble with blackberries and pepitas, a nutty, dark Danish rye bread, and a gluten free cake for the birthday of our GF cousin.

Outside of the reading, it was Casey’s birthday this month. We started March with an impromptu ski trip to Colorado, pictured below. We ended the birthday celebration with a cake of his choice. This year: chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. Despite baking at the wrong temperature for the entire time, it turned out rich, delicious and weighing in at slightly over 5 lbs. No photos made it through of the cake (oops, blog fail #2 for March), but you can find the recipe from Deb at The Smitten Kitchen, where she is unapologetic about the amount of chocolate in the dessert. I’m unapologetic too, but now I’m out of chocolate…

IMG_0521 IMG_0507

  1. Wow, your photos of Colorado are amazing!!! LOVE the blue sky and snow-topped mountains. The CO pictures totally make up for the lack of cake photos, in my opinion. 🙂


  2. Katie said:

    Haha! I appreciate the sign of support — but the cake, Annie! It was gorgeous and decadent.

    Not that it competes with CO skies!


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