Strawberry and Maple Scones

Strawberry and Maple Scones | Kitchen Notes


Have you heard of Pinterest? Yes, probably. Then you most likely know of its addictive powers to draw you in and pin away recipes or diy ideas like they’re going out of style. And my food pins are just getting out of hand. It’s one thing to pin, but it’s another thing to actually try one’s pins. This phenomenon added such phrases as “pin-win” (that’s a pinterest project that goes well) and a “pintrosity” (that’s the opposite) to common social media vernacular.

So that’s what this post is about: cooking one my pins. Definitely a  “pin-win”: my adaptation of 101 Cookbook’s Maple Syrup Scones. And by adaptation, I mean I added sliced strawberries to these scones. Everything else is per the recipe, so I encourage you to visit Heidi Swanson’s great site for the details.

These scones are mildly sweet overall, with a nuttiness from the whole grain flour and a hint of sweet from the strawberries. Most delicious with coffee in the morning or tea in the afternoon as a snack. I’ve also individually wrapped them in parchment paper, then plastic wrap, then in a large freezer friendly bag as grab and go breakfast and treats. Strawberry and Maple Scones | Kitchen Notes



    • Katie said:

      Thank you! I love all the fruits this time of year!


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