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I’ve been silent in the blogosphere for longer than intended. Last week, I took a trip for work suburban Philadelphia. The work part of the trip was great, but my favorite part is seeing the vastly different landscape, vibrant and green from summer rain. I’ve taken leisure trips to PA in the past, as my dearest friend has called the city home for almost 10 years. Overall, the food was delicious, and the company was better. Not only did I get to meet up with friend in the city, but I spend time with good friends who I work with as well. My “favorite Pennsylvania foodies” as they dub themselves showed me around Phoenixville and explained the blobfest to me (behind the times, I am!). We also ate some pretty fantastic food, of which I have no pictures (for shame, I know!).  Sometimes, it’s better to focus on the company and the conversation than try to capture the right shot in dimly lit restaurant lighting! Life’s about people, you know. Food is the icing on the cake. And food shared with favorite people is like the sprinkles on top!

So back to reality. And back to cooking, which I did in fury this weekend. But to fully recharge, it’s great to take a night off, throw together a lovely combination of assorted goodies, and kick back with Casey. This dinner was low effort before and after, and allowed us to just be…you know, like the sprinkles on top.

To make something similar at home, bring together your favorite cold appetizers into a tapas or mezze platter. Serve with a cold drink – maybe some lime and mint infused sparkling water – and enjoy. Take a break from cooking. You deserve it.

IMG_2749 IMG_2748

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your time in PA! Phoenixville is a fun little town and I know what you mean about sometimes just needing to enjoy the food and company rather than worrying about photos. (That’s my excuse for why I have hardly been posting any recipes at all this year!!) 😉 Your tapas dinner looks delicious, great photos!


  2. Katie said:

    Thanks, Annie! It was great trip. If readers really do want to know: I found my way to Classic Diner for breakfast one day, Black Powder Tavern for an evening, and then Ooka (in Easton) for sushi on my last night. It was a great trip — no pictures though, which is a big change for me.


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