Wednesday Web Find – Fruits & Legumes Moches

This recent video is making the rounds on social networks. I watched it just this week, and its message definitely sticks with me. Do I believe this is a panacea for food waste? No, of course not. There’s more to food waste than just buying the “ugly potatoes” and “failed lemons” of the world. Do I believe this is a marketing and promotion campaign with some altruistic downstream impact? Yes. And it’s highly clever. My one hope in posting this is that it also makes you stop and think about the food you’re potentially wasting.

Real world example: this morning, as I packed my lunch to go to work, I made use of some older, slightly softening at the ends carrots that had been languishing in my fridge. I peeled them, chopped off the slightly soften bits, and ate the rest with hummus for a mid afternoon snack.

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