Wednesday Web find

I don’t always web binge on the best articles or ones that have a bigger purpose (like last week’s web find). I did find this mildly entertaining and worth the two minute read. It even struck a cord for me, because kinder überraschung (Kinder Surprise) are a favorite childhood goodie.

10 Banned Foods

This is me, pouting about the ban on kinder überraschung. Kidding. It is really me, but that’s not why I’m pouting.

Family Pictures

  1. I didn’t realize that Kinder überraschung were banned in the U.S.! My high school German teacher must have had a great contact in the black market because she’d have Kinder Eier (that’s what we called them) for us at least once or twice a semester. 🙂


    • Katie said:

      We also called them Kinder Eier! I never saw them state side, just in Europe. They’re not the easiest to transport back — we’d have relatives ship us some for the holidays and they’d arrive squished (if not melted. Gotta ❤ AZ). At least now we can buy all other sorts of Kinder Schokolade in some specialty food stores here.


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