Dark Chocolate and Cherry Brownies


Cherry and Chocolate Brownies | Katie's Kitchen NotesWell hello there! I’ve missed my semi regular posting schedule, mostly because I went on vacation and didn’t tell any one. Oops. My apologies. Worry not, dear readers! I soon intend to regale with tales of said adventure and perhaps a post featuring delicious, wonderful, fresh Colorado peaches and plums.

Until then, all you get is this recipe: dark chocolate and cherry brownies. Such a hardship, I know.

A few posts ago, while writing about my Omi and her cherry jam, I couldn’t help but enjoy the tasty remembrances of (one of) my favorite cakes growing up: Black Forest Cake. There’s something about an intense chocolatey cake, cherries, kirsch, and freshly whipped cream that transports me.

Which got me to thinking, how can I get many of those same flavors with more ease? Here’s my solution for that. You’ll notice something different here: the brownies are made from a box mix. It’s not typical of me, as I do like bake my own sweets. But for brownies, often times a box is just as tasty (and helpful when you don’t have cocoa powder hanging out in the house).

Chocolate and Cherries | Katie's Kitchen Notes

Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies

  • 1 box of Ghirardelli dark chocolate brownie mix (standard size; not 13×9)
  • 1 cup or there a bouts (more won’t hurt) of pitted red cherries
  • 8 ounces of mascarpone cheese
  • A dash of whipping cream

Heat the oven to the temperature indicated on the box. Prep your brownie container. I used an 8×8 ceramic pan.

Pit your cherries using a cherry pitter. You can also do this by hand with a small knife. Neither process is short – so enjoy some music or a tv show (er…House of Cards at the moment) while you’re pitting.

Mix together the brownie mix according to the directions on the box. Add the cherries. Bake according to the directions. I did not have to add additional time.

Allow the brownies to cool fully before serving. Once the brownies are cool, mix together the mascarpone cheese, a dash or two of heavy whipping cream in an electric mixer. For a more rustic appeal, you can also whip these two ingredients together by hand. Serve the slightly thick whipped cream on the side of the brownies.

For a full Black Forest Cake effect, I bet you could enjoy these brownies with a thimble of kirsch. Only if you wanted though.

Cherries and Chocolate | Katie's Kitchen Notes

Chocolate and Cherry Brownies | Katie's Kitchen Notes

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