Wednesday Web Find – Trending Baby Names

Happy Wednesday after a holiday weekend! If you had the day off, how did you spend it?

I was lucky enough to plenty of down time, reading anything and everything on the internet. I’m sharing this week’s Wednesday Web Find for pure enjoyment. As a creative writing student and long time “just for fun” author, I’ve often pondered names for characters, places, events. Which is why this Bon Appetit article on food names for babies caught my interest. Many of these names weren’t too surprising:

  • Ginger. Iconic 1940s movie star. Red headed bombshell on Gilligan’s Island. Ginger Spice (a la Spice Girls). And of course, you know ginger, the spice.
  • Olive. Olive Oyle, Popeye’s on again off again. Olive as a diminutive for Olivia.
  • Pepper. The first namesake I thought of: Orphan Annie’s pal, Pepper.

I perplexed that I’d be just as likely to be named Maple as to be named Tea; albeit more likely to be named Tea than Chai. And for the gentleman, how does Kale sound? What do you think about this trend in foodie inspired baby names? Will this new foodie wave leave us with little Quinoas and Amaranths over the next few years?

Kale. Beets. Spinach.  Name inspiration in waiting

Kale. Beets. Spinach.
name inspiration in waiting


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