Wednesday Web Find: “It’s a bookbook”

When I was thinking about sharing the below, I didn’t think to realize there was little (factually speaking no) food related content. Rather, it really is a true Wednesday Web Find. Ikea holds a special/strange place in my memory and the collective memory of my family. Growing up in Europe, Ikea was the place we went for furniture – much of which is still functioning and intact these 27+ years later. Ikea is also where we played while my mom picked things up for the house. Unlike today’s US stores, one could actually climb up those bunk beds and slide down the slide attachment. (PS: not sure they make bunk bed slides anymore). 

As an adult, I find Ikea trying at times. Sure, there are the environmental concerns. But really it’s the crowds that irk me more and more when I visit the store. I liken it to going to Trader Joe’s in any major urban location: lots of crowds, crazy lines. Despite all this, I can’t help but share the creativity in this recent Ikea add for their 2015 catalogue. When I received this bookbook in the mail, I sat down with my cup of coffee and enjoyed the pure tactile touch technology and pre-loaded, high definition pages. I even book marked and circled “particularly inspiring pages.”


I’ve also shared my second favorite Ikea advertisement. Look at all those happy cats!

Please note, this post was not sponsored by Ikea. These are my own thoughts and opinions. 

Source: Ikea Singapore Youtube channel

  1. Gigi said:

    Haha l also received my book book the other day and spent the next couple of hours bookmarking some pages 😉


    • Katie said:

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one!


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