Weeknight Tartines of Fig, Burrata and Proscuitto

I’m not sure where I got it into my head that dinner held a certain shape or form over the years. Growing up abroad, I lived the experience of sitting down to and eating your main meal in the early afternoon. For dinner, or abendbrot, maybe some bread, cheese, meats, or spreads. Light but filling enough until breakfast the next day.

As a kid growing up, my mom would serve popcorn, apples, and cheese for dinner on occasion. It’s still a go to of mine when cooking isn’t in my mindset or I’m having chefs block.

I tell you all of this because when I served Casey these tartines as dinner, I couldn’t stop apologizing for not serving a “real” dinner. Truthfully, there are many of you who might not believe it’s a real dinner. I accept that. Which is why the apologies were there in the first place. I’m since over the incident, and say dinner should be what you want it to be. Healthy and nutritious is important. But I will not judge you if you eat popcorn, apples, and cheese occasionally. Or a bowl of cereal with fruit. Or a full fledged breakfast. And to be completely fair, I will not just you if you eat your dinner left overs for breakfast. I’ve been there. It’s delicious.

So people of the blogosphere, gather up some delicious bread, sliced thinly and toasted in a sauté pan; spread some fig butter or quince jam on one side of the bread; add burrata and procscuitto. Enjoy with a glass of wine on the patio (if it’s cooler there yet. It’s certainly not cooler here). There’s your Friday night dinner. Quick. Delicious. And you start your weekend in style.

Tartines | Kitchen Notes


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