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I want to take this moment to sincerely apologize to my readers, because this Slate article speaks the honest truth and I know I’ve misused the term “caramelize the onions.”


I am flawed.

I do love a good caramelized onion. I agree with this article that in truth a good caramelized onion takes at least 20 to 30 minutes, possible 45 to 60 if done over low heat. And after reading through many of my recipes, I realize that I faulted to the phrase “until caramelized” rather than better descriptors. For example, you know that point when yellow onions go from translucent to a warmer honey color? Or maybe that point when red onions start to look sorted and lighter in color? See, no reason to jump straight to using “caramelized” as a descriptor.

What do you think? After reading the article, can you recall recipes you’ve transcribed with that alluring descriptor?

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