Wednesday Web Find – Recipe Collection

Hello from some place other than Arizona! It’s warm, rainy, humid, and it’s not Florida. But it is filled with friends old and new, and it’s just too bad to not have enough time for everyone.

Tonight, for dinner, I met up with a wonderful group of people so large, we took up at least two twelve person booths. There were spring rolls, egg rolls, dumplings, red curry, sushi. All delicious. Made of course better by the power of conversation, which you know I’m a fan of. Blame the extrovert in me!

So, here  are some recipes from across the web that I’m inspired by after this tasty evening.

Warm and spiced butternut squash curry perfect for cooler weather.

All the best of a crispy Samosa in a soup.

Pot stickers for a quick and easy meal. And I do mean quick and easy once the effort has been made in making them 🙂

Enjoy your mid October week!


    • Katie said:

      Last night we were at Nectar. It was pretty lovely!


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