Wednesday Rambles

Gosh October flew by! Where did it go? How did you spend it?

I spent mine with one too many Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes or Pumpkin Chai Teas. Snuggling with Lyla. Taking obligatory pictures out of plane and car windows (I might have been driving, but stalled in traffic for that one). And enjoying mountain views from my hotel balcony. And homecoming with my sister in law.

I’m also trying to game less, since I spent a fair amount of time in September and early October on Guild Wars 2, saving the world with some awesome peeps from across the continent (and potentially globe). Leveling new characters and having a good time.

But I realized, as I’m want to do after gaming binges, that how I spend my time is in my control. So I’m controlling the video gaming habit going into year end. So that I can read more. Here are some articles:

  • The Laborers that keep our Facebook (and other social media) free from things we don’t want to see. I mean crap — how many of us think about this? And how many of us would want that job? Thank you.
  • This savory tart. I know it’s fall, and we’re moving away from tomatoes and towards winter squash. But seriously: yum.
  • This book. The nerd in me is stoked.

And then today, I drove by a bakery I don’t always make it to and indulged myself in some fresh baked bread. A treat from my time growing up in Germany. And really, isn’t fresh baked bread the perfect way to end a post?

pretzel rolls | kitchen notes and other sundries


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