Cranberry Apple Jam

We’re a few days out from Thanksgiving, one of the tastiest days of the year. Hopefully we’re not all panicked and making second to last, and final, and definitely last trips to the grocery store.

For those of us with a few spare moments, here’s a sweet recipe to give the host and hostess of your Thanksgiving festivities. It also makes a lovely holiday gift, with it’s rich, jewel red color.

What is it, you may ask? Cranberry Apple Jam.

A mix between apple butter and cranberry sauce, with sweet and tart notes, all wrapped up in a jar and festivity colored to boot.

What is it good on? Warm, crunchy sourdough toast with salted butter. Ham sandwiches (pictured below). You know, left over Thanksgiving Turkey sandwiches. Or maybe: mixed with a little bit of water and used to glaze pork chops.

I usually don’t command you to make anything, but how nice would it be to show up with some Cranberry Apple Jam in hand?

apple cranberry jam, ham sandwich | kitchen notes IMG_2992


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