2014 Holiday Gifts

Return Flight from Hawaii

Vacation is over, a new phone procured, and the kitchen has been in full swing since I woke up this morning. I’m so looking forward to sharing the next food adventures with you. In the meantime, if you’re like me, holiday shopping has barely started. Yet, we’re 10 days away from Christmas.

Here’s a quick list of goodies:

  • For the gourmand in your life, Around the World Sausage Sample Royale
  • For your friend who’s always too busy to cook: invite yourself over, bring some wine, and cook her a meal while she goes about her business. These recipes from Sabrina Ghayour’s new cook book are sure to brighten up a winter day.
  • Treat yourself to a bit of shimmer with this layered ring from Pandora.

From around the web, some wonderfully curated guides from some of my favorite bloggers:

  • I really appreciate the guide from Dinner: A Love Story. There’s whimsy, elegance, and books (my favorite) all wrapped with quick vignettes on why the item is in the guide.
  • Joanna Goddard’s curated list includes specifics for husbands, sisters, best friends, brothers.
  • David Lebovitz’s guide is definitely food centered, but includes great ideas for edible gifts. And let’s face it, how nice is it when we get a gift to enjoy, rather than a nick knack to find a spot for in the house?
  • There were many, many new cook books that came out this here. Here are just a few!

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