Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Hope you’re enjoying the last moments of 2014, if you’re out and about or tucked safely under some covers — as Lyla demonstrates below. See you in 2015 with recipes, travel notes, and general goodness from my Kitchen Notes.

Lyla's Favorite Spot

Look for an update tomorrow to kick off the new year in style! Until then, take a look at the top recipes in 2014:

Gruyere Macaroni and CheeseA classic from 2011 when this blog was brand new and just getting it’s footing. Sounds perfect on a cool winter night!

crispy, delicious mac and cheese

Cranberry Cobbler:  Cranberries have a short season, and while it’s technically over, you can still find some of these tart, red jewels of winter in grocery stores. Go ahead, buy some extra and make this in February for easy weekday mornings!

cranberry wonderful

Dark Chocolate and Cherry Brownies:  No explanation or excuse needed.

Cherry and Chocolate Brownies | Katie's Kitchen Notes

Almond Butter, Maple, and Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip CookiesStart the New Years resolutions off with a treat. A slightly healthier, delicious treat.

Maple and Whole Wheat Cookies | Kitchen Notes

    • Katie said:

      Thanks, Annie! You can barely taste the cauliflower, especially if you blend it up into the sauce!


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